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Reviews for "Dark Hyrule Castle"


you know what I like all the songs on all the Zelda games. This song is great!

This is really good!

I hate it when people try to act like they know about a videogame song they really know nothing about. This is not too short, the original is about half the time and loops endlessly. Too many reviewers here like to throw the term "repetitive" out there and can't even spell it right, do they even know what it really means?

ANYWAY - I really dig this track, personally i like the version of this that is played in A Link To The Past better, but this is still awesome. Great job on the percussion, that seems to be where i see the most issues with the songs people make from these games, you could give a class lol. Call it "Hylian Percussion 101"
Great job!

Sorrow-316 responds:

Lots of Thanks =) your support is Great! im glad you Liked it

Pretty nice.

Music is stupid hard to review...
If this was from Twilight Princess, you seem to have made some parts of your own if I am right, but if this is from another Zelda, then excuse me.
It gets very repetive thought, all the same thing for 2 and half minutes.

Sorrow-316 responds:

well last time I heard the theme from Minish Cap thats all it was, and all it ever will be. I dont add I "recreate" the this is Recreated from Minish Cap And Thats all there is to it. plus the original Song is 1 minute something but I always add 1 loop so less editing of the Music Is needed when Used in Flash/video and it sounds more natrual

pretty good

its pretty good but it gets a bit repeditive