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Reviews for "Dark Hyrule Castle"

Its ok.....

i like it but......................the drums dnt seem to fit in my opinion...sry man, good though

It's very nice.

I can imagine it being darker, yet, it's very nice.

I think part of what I think is missing in darkness is that the sudden drop at the end of some of the notes in the main tune don't sound as evil with the instrument used.

But yeah, great remix.


Find the song gold cartrage under search and type in zelda overworld. See what kind of song you can durive frome using parts 1:06-1:120 and 2:27-2:48. nice song its better than the origenal. Keep it up! ;P


I love your version of this, it's awesome.

it seems to tell...

a darker story, or side, to the legend of zelda. it speaks of the shadows that have always eventually creaped over the hills, through the waters, and throughoutt the grasses of hyrule field. kudos