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Reviews for "Dark Hyrule Castle"


I actully just beat minish cap, kinda pisse dme off bout the fact how wind castle was actully 2 in 1, that kinda pissed me off


That's my favorite song from A link to the past, and orchestrated it sounds great. The only problem I have is I can't download it, I don't know why. If you or anyone else can help me I'll be faithfully thanked.

I liked it

I wouldn't say that this had a dark style to it but that doesn't mean it wasn't a great remix of the Hyrule Castle theme cause it was,the pace as nice and the sound effects were great too as was the quality,overall you did a nice job on this remix.

Amazingly awe!some

i can hear the difference and the fact the reveiw below me me is an amuzing story! but back on track...kool song bro! and dont stop!


This song was my favorite in minish cap!i liked dark hyrule castle better than any place!it made me tihnk i was an evil dark king who ruled the lands!His name was Zaros....and killed all who opposed him!his castle was dark hyrule castle....the village was dark and gloomy!monsters roamed!and people took shelter underground!he had a sword with whoever he pierced turn into a dark knight!he had over 1,000,000 soldiers in his castle!but one day a person came from a blue portal!he had white hair and a beard and a blue staff!he walked to Zaros throne and All the knights attacked him but his staff turned them into normal!Zaros was furious!He took his sword and tried to kill the mage!the mages ame was Saradomin....He took his staff and blocked the sword!his staff cracked in half and Zaros's dark blade crumbled!Then Saradomin sacrificed his life and used all his magic and energy to seal Zaros into an orb and he did!Saradomin was so brave he became a god!AS for Zaros he was sealed within the dark orb!the orb was then buried to the core of the earth!and peace was restored!but not for long!Zaros's son Zamorak eas angry and went into the lava and swam toward the orb!His skin burned but he turned into a god!his journy took 100 years of serarching into the earth cores!when he found the orb he took it and teleported back!he cracked it and Zaros was free!Once again to dominate thine World!Will Saradomin return?or will Zaros dominate the Universe!Nobody knows!Zaros is yet ot regain his power and dominate!But for now hes disguised himself as a pale teenager with demonic eyes!his disguise name was Zarim!He stills gaining power!This is the legend to continue of...................................
................HYRULE Battle Of Pure Evil And Powerful Light!