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Reviews for "Magical Trevor"

You're a modern day Dr. Suess!

While not my favorite, this is still great to watch. It just helps that your songs are so unforgettable and you can easily remember what on. The animation is superb in this one, particularly with how the little body parts of the cow move. I like how parts of their nostrils/lips go around as they sit there. It does kind of make you wonder where someone or something goes when a magician makes it disappear. I hope that cow doesn't eat too many beans.

Cow farts are a big flaw in our environment. The funniest bit is probably when the cow held his press conference. It's great how the cow consistently keeps up the act of being uninterested even when visiting a parallel dimension. I like how the background has these red rocks in it for no reason. It's just well designed.

leathery leathery whip!11!1!!!

magic trev is awesome


I don't get it. Really, what's the point?

Hey I recognise this!

TheWeebl, did you invent the 118 247 advert? The tune is exactly like this.


HAha, this was an awesome trip lol