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Reviews for "_-={Dying Heroes in the Sea"

Hurray for new vocals.

I like how you're using vocals, it's making your stuff a lot more fresher. I didn't get much of an underwater feel, I think the drums are too raspy and high to give any sense of a huge expanse of ocean water. Still gets the element of panic and dispair across, and sounds awesome.


Have you made all the music for the darkcut games cause i've always loved to music

MaestroRage responds:

Jmtb02 included 3 of my works in Dark Cut 2, but I did not make it for him, in Dark Cut 3, I made the music for him, i'm glad you liked them :D! Thanks for the review!

soo pure

hey do play every instrument in your songs from dark cut, or is there more than just one person in your team creating this song.

Dude, i love this song

After the first time i heared that song in Dark Cut 3, i realy liked it, and, sometimes (a lot of times) i just don't get noticed that i've past all the afternoon hearing the same loop song.
And one more thing: it loops really well!

For any epic moment...

No matter the epic situation, this background song is perfect. Just listen to it and live/witness the epic moment. The guys below imagined diverse situations, but all of them would match with this song. Outstanding work, favorited and downloaded. 5/5 & 10/10