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Reviews for "_-={Dying Heroes in the Sea"

Hurray for new vocals.

I like how you're using vocals, it's making your stuff a lot more fresher. I didn't get much of an underwater feel, I think the drums are too raspy and high to give any sense of a huge expanse of ocean water. Still gets the element of panic and dispair across, and sounds awesome.

Super epic man!

As usual you haven't changed a BIT at all. That's a good thing for I love you for that :3 anyway can't wait for DC3 to come out knowing that it shall be sheer epic with your music and the game play that's probably even better than the 2nd one :D

Dark Epic!

Loops good but with a click which may not be as good as it should.
Still... I like the piece... it's not so creepy dark as Lady Arenic's piece but it's about the epic part. I like the beginning of the song it's powerful. Hail!

10/10 (a clicked loop won't make me vote for less than you desirve)

nice again!

hi, it's pyrobunny again. Sadly, I made a new account to tell you what I was talking about earlier. At about 58 seconds in, it has a very similar melody and instrumentals to victorious day. Why I made a new account just to tell you that, I dont do not know.


this is for dark cut right? it's sweet man. Also There was a part that sounded a lot like your song victorious day. It had the same instruments and similar melody. Not that its bad, I was just sayin. Oh, and who did the vocals?
Anyway, It was a sweet song with a good melody. Can't wait for more.
One last thing, I dont know if you know or if your aloufd to say, but do you know how many surgeries are in the new dark cut?

MaestroRage responds:

That it is! Can't believe I forgot to write that up thar! Fixed. I didn't catch the part that sounded like Victorious day, but then again my memory is lacking. I'll have to listen to both and see for myself!

The vocals here is a Tenor VSTi. Not live, but a great product.

There will be 5 main surgeries, and a couple minor ones. The last surgery like in the second, is quite epic ;D!

Thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it!