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Reviews for "_-={Dying Heroes in the Sea"

Makes me imagine.

Someone who's mind is plagued with scenarios of wars and terrible moments, which in this case is a scene where he has to make a decision between running straight for the escape subs or dragging an injured man along, losing valuable time and energy.


Amazing, i can tell why it is in DC3, it matches the theme perfectly.

Dude, i love this song

After the first time i heared that song in Dark Cut 3, i realy liked it, and, sometimes (a lot of times) i just don't get noticed that i've past all the afternoon hearing the same loop song.
And one more thing: it loops really well!

Wow dude I love this song!

I first heard the song in dark cut 3.
And I immediatly fell in love with it!
5/5 and 10/10 man I love it <3

soo pure

hey do play every instrument in your songs from dark cut, or is there more than just one person in your team creating this song.