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Reviews for "Element of Dance - F-777"

It's not bad at all :)

Though i have some strict taste in music at times, this is one of those songs i can actually listen to frequently. It's very catchy throughout the song, no instrument displancements or wierd background sounds. This is very crisp. ^_^

I enjoy your music, and this is just going to have to take another slot onto my favorties, good job once again.

F-777 responds:

Thanks =). This review is just awesome i appreciate it!


No words man. Pretty good and 5/5

F-777 responds:

Wow thanks!

wow this is like a....

fight/ death / killing song

F-777 responds:

Yeah could work for that =). Thanks!


Dude you got some serious talent going there... i am quite impressed, especially at the fact that this was accomplished in a matter of an hour. Much Respect.

omg this is amazing

i was on the audio portal listening to this and i was like hmm okay and then bam! it kicked in nice work this is awesome especially the begginning and the ending plus i liked how it kinda loops w/ that silence you got there amazing 80/5