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Reviews for "Element of Dance - F-777"


It's great man, really up beat, definately a fun sounding song. Great job for one hour too! Keep up the great work :) Look forward to hearing more from you.


the songs great but a few moments in the song itwell loses the potential


Props to you for speed-writing this in only ONE hour! That's really fast! Though I like the song the way it is, finishing it off so fast might've left out potential. I don't know, it might still be what you were aiming for, but experience tells me otherwise. ;p

There, now on to the song itself. What suprised me was the two exact same parts just copy/pasted after eachother didn't give me the feeling as if it were repetitive. The main beat is so strong by itself, it doesn't matter. What slightly annoyed me was the strange use of fading in some parts. You've used *a lot* of fading, and it does sound nice, though not always. Instead of fading, try to use a hard kick/drum sequence to change patterns. Just an idea, I don't know if it'll work but the fading just didn't feel right imo.

It's still a great song to dance to, and I downloaded it weeks ago. Props to you, I'm adding you to my favorite artists because I think you have a lot of talent.

Downloaded, favorited.

~ La_Yinn, --'


haha, this looks ridiculous with the 'tank' visualisation and the dancing badgers. well done, keep it up.


Damn good track you got going, makes me wanna get up and dance with it. Keep up the amazing work.