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Reviews for "Element of Dance - F-777"

I like it

This a very well done song. Great job! keep it up!


I love the musicality that went into the choosing the blending arps and the progression is very well done.

F-777 The Legend

F-777? I've always grouped a few Newgrounds artists in mind under the best music composers ever title. Your'e one of them.

Envy and more)

Lol. my vote of 5 only got like (+ 0.00019)

But this song is awesome and to do it in less than an hour is for a real pro. Awesome intro.


One I read a book from Dan Brown. I read it in french, I don't know the original title. I was listening this while I read the book. Now every time I hear this song it makes me think of that book... A very good book for a very good song.

Awesome song...

...and my vote just got it .01 points higher! Yay! :3