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Reviews for "Element of Dance - F-777"


Nice pimpin' song, dude. I'm a fan of the "Dance" and "Techno" genre and im getting into misic myself. So really nice work, dude.

Let's Dance xD

I Love this song ;)
this is perfect dude:D


This was awesome, I was just skimming along and I hit this. I stoped and turned my volume and just sat back listening to this. You captured the my inner attention. Somehow I could relate with it. I don;t know but i loved it.

I like it

unfourtunately i am out of the (use your own description here) to really enjoy this ;) All in all I relly liked it! how short does this thing have to be I really wish that it was longer I am removing a star for shortness this could be a hit with more work.

its ok

ok its good but not th best