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Reviews for "Mega Man 9 - We're the Robots"


I personally think this is awesome! It's got that retro 8-bit style to it!

best version so far

many people have tried to make this song into a remix but you have done better. it sounds like a less 8 bit version of the origanl but i think its not a copy

Yea, hell yea.

Any chance of you sharing that instrument around 44 seconds? Brngs back the good days and makes 'em feel new again.


Amazingly done,it all flows well,the instruments fit in very nicely and I like that part especially from 0:44 onwards,brings back alot of old memories like what Foxtounge said.Looking forward to more music from you!

little confused but love it.

This track is remixing dr wily stage 1 (MM9) right?