Reviews for "Mega Man 9 - We're the Robots"

Yea, hell yea.

Any chance of you sharing that instrument around 44 seconds? Brngs back the good days and makes 'em feel new again.

Great remake of a year old song

although,it sounds way too close to the 8-bit original, its still good listen

best version so far

many people have tried to make this song into a remix but you have done better. it sounds like a less 8 bit version of the origanl but i think its not a copy


A real nice and smooth videogame tune, fastpaced and wellcomposed, with lots of variation and a steady rythem all the way through. Keep it going!


i saw the title...

and I though it was megaman 9 + "we are the robots" from kraftwurk


anyway, nicely composed, very true to the original sound. :)