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Reviews for "Mega Man Zero Mythos"


good art work! I love the face and the details of his helmet

.......................:/ awsome!!!!!!!!!!

forgot how beast zero is got it memorized oh wrong game and character

An interesting prospect.

This was one of few things (and perhaps reasons) why I would have wanted to have the ability to draw and create art. I can always TRY to do traditional, old-fashioned art, and I have made some successes in them. But since I lost my ability, I am not as skilled as this (nor do I have the tools at my disposal), and it only tells me that I need more power...

But that was a life I gave up on some time ago. The creativity is still there, but the legs I use to walk are but nourishment for the hounds.

Trek on, while the prowess is still there; because once abandoned, it becomes buried in the sands that time creates, from the rocks of the earth and the bones of the dead.

Man, I'm a fan of Zero. I like the way you've drawn him, and All the details like light reflecting of his hair, rain drops all frome diffrent perspectives, and Z's everywhere.
This is so going to be my wallpaper!

i agree Zero is one of the best characters of a dying franchise.
Nice art andis going to my fav.