Reviews for "The NewGrounds Machine"


That was amazing! It was great and it had an original idea! keep up the good work!

SwEecH responds:

Thanks a lot !
Other movies were made on similar subjects (the adventures of little flash movies) but no one shows what i do show.

Thanks for the review!

Wow. Simply amazing.

What a tough process the Flash goes through. Dizzy submissions, anyone?


However, it makes me yearn for an alternate ending to be available...I want to see a Flash on the NG machine blammed, and watch it die!

Pretty Good!

Very original flash job, but it would be better if the user could have chosen to blam or protect, sending the flash to newgrounds' heaven or hell.


I made the 100,000th view!

SwEecH responds:

great !!!

u'r good !

What a great movie !! i think u are good !! a good story, a very good music, good graphics, ...
keep it up !