Reviews for "The NewGrounds Machine"

Funny, cool

I just love these things...You had a very good idea of what happened... you should of had a compressor or more steps in the process but otherwise very good... I liked the techno background as wel.

Pretty good....

Wow.... if that was how it is, and a flash vid is aware of what happens to it, i've committed some type of genocide.... or is it homicide.... but what happens if it is blammed?

Pretty Good

Cute, original, I like it. What if that really was how a Flash made it to Newgrounds? That would be pretty cool. I like how you made the music yourself in FL, it was suitable for the Flash. In conclusion, simply put, this is a great Flash.


that was pretty good

dude sweet

first it is a good flash and the good bits is where the factory turns on and he gets the thing where it gos blam or protect very funny great flash