Reviews for "The NewGrounds Machine"

very cool

i especially liked the influence of each of the initial votes in choosing the flash's fate.

move it along faster next time, and maybe add some other possibilities, such as the first flash getting blammed and the second making it through

well done, 3/5

What about the blammed submissions?

You gotta show us what happens to the BLAMMED submissions. pretty please?

Yeah make a blam one

This totally rocks but plz make a blam one =),

the music was really cool but i thoughtt i heard it somewhere else.
But i suggest not only music ... it would be cooler if there were any sounds of happenings you get me?

Totally rocks dude, in the beginning i thought oh no not again bout the graphics but that comes later when the movie goes on i thought: Wow!!! this rocks

Yeah i like the style and everything but you used the same color of grey for like 70% of the movie.... and i don't like that relly much
but the drawings were really nice though so a 7 seems on its place here.

Didn't had it, didn't need it

nuff said

It was a movie so it didn't really need it
But i would like some interactivity like that you can choose if its blammed or not or suitable and something relly relly important: a replay button(i can't watch it 9 times easily >=( )

LOL a flash being submitted to newgrounds into the blam system as a ping bong bal?

i love this kinds of flashes i almost vote 5 on every one of em(good ones) so i did it with this one 2

What happens if you get blammed?

But it looked like an amusement ride

Haha, Looked Like Fun

Made me want to be a submitted file :)

Music was great, in my opinion.
Good grafix and good style.