Reviews for "The NewGrounds Machine"


It's very good and oreginal (in positive way)
I gave 5 to help that flash survive ;)

that was osom!!!!

that was so cool that I never imaginate

Notbad at all

This was cool, it was actually very good and it made me laugh as im sure it did others you showed good flash skill in this aswell.

Anyways nice job


Pretty good, but I expected different

I really expected it to be worse, the things that the file went through didn't seem that bad. The one thing I didn't like was that it seemed slow at times, not like framerate slow, but progression of the movie slow.

PS: Anyone who is wondering why the Flash doesn't have an F on it is because older versions of Flash (such as Flash 4) used that spiral line thing as the logo, not an F.


i like it, but you exualy can put something like fire at the blam part