Reviews for "Pablo'N'Cezanne - Sundance RMX"


Perfect 10/10. I can't find anything wrong with it. It's a great listen!


I love the bass,
Can't find anything wrong with this song!
Keep it up!

Not that familiar with Italio Dance...

...but this had a sort of Hardstyle feel without being hard.

...have you just invented Lightstyle (lol OK, that was corny)? Either way, it's got a good bounce, kept my head nodding. keep it up!

DukeLukeProd responds:

Yeah I wanted to use a 3/4 beat like Basshunter did on Boten Anna without using his clubby sounds. And in order not to misinform you: This isn't actually italo dance, the genre was probably the most popular genre on italian radio stations between ~1998 and 2003 - pretty amazing stuff (but probably only because I grew up with it ;) )
Lightstyle actually sounds quite appropriate for this track :D

I like it

very nice, you've got a lot of good stuff in here. You build very well at the beginning and like Music-story said, it sounds very professional. Now while I agree with Music-Story on the Professionalness of the peice I totally disagree with him on the 1:50 drums. They accentuate the peice so much. Too much dance music if not practially all uses the BUM BUM BUM drumline which, while it is good for dancing to, is extremely boring. these drums do give it a sort of march/celtic feel to it. there is so much more you can do with this peice becuase of it. the more I listen to it the more I like it. very nice job again. keep it up (no negative criticism of this one, I like it alot) :) - Cobra151

DukeLukeProd responds:

It's nice to hear that some people enjoy my deviations from the usual (like the drums at 1:50). Thanks for the great review dude :)

Oh yes

Hi Duke,

This pawns a lot of the remixes on NG. This is how dance music should be. None of them cheesy fuzzy instruments with lots of pink noise. Okay, so this is what I thought.

1) Intro was good. Explosion into some nice oscillating panning lead with some awesome bass. What a way to start the song. Not sure if your idea or the original artist, but either way I like.
2) This is how dance music should be like. NG dance is like some awkward style of dance....generally all happy hardcore. This one sounds way more professional. Of course the strangeness comes in later in the song.

1) Drums at 1:50 are wierd. They seem better for a march or something. The past reviewer mentioned it too...not really fitting for a dance.
2) The composition at 1:50 to 4:50 I didn't like much. The rhythm is like some celtic dance. Weird. I suppose this comment pertains more to the Pablo. Heck. it seems everything after 1:50 I didn't like much. Just me I guess.

Well this song was way more repetitive than I would have enjoyed. The song started really good but slowly progressed to something I didn't find dance like unless I'm in a kilt. Anyway, it is very difficult for me to tell you what good things you did since I never heard of the original. However, I think you put a lot of effort in this song so i'll assume you made all the instruments. Remixes I never give a 10/10 cause well for obvious reasons. 9/10 review and 5/5 vote. You should po
st more in the dance section. Club dance is seriously lacking in that genre.

Bye for now

DukeLukeProd responds:

Hey man
Hahah I'm turning out to be really good at strangeness. The original is my favourite dance tune of all time and noone could reach a result equally as good as the original by a remix. You can listen to a part of it at amazon: http://www.amazon.de/Sun-Dance-Pablo-
Cezanne/dp/B0000669Z1/ref=sr_1_3?ie=U TF8&s=music&qid=1225631311&sr=8-3 The production quality isn't Hi-Fi but the composition is flawless, unfortunately you'd need the whole track to appreciate it. Basically what I did in this remix was transforming it from a 4/4 rhythm into a 3/4 one, at least this was the idea I started out with, it ended up sounding completely different than the original Sun Dance.

1) I think that was one of my own ideas ;)

I agree, it's not what one'd expect in dance music, yet I ike to surprise people with something completely out of place. I dunno, that's just me, I hate borders ;)

Thanks for another great review, if everyone practised reviewing like you, artist's skills would develop much faster.

Take care