Reviews for "Pablo'N'Cezanne - Sundance RMX"


here is the 11/10? greatly done, a master peace, it grows slowly but surely, no disgusting sounds or parts ALL the songs souds great, you catched the sun and warm ambiance falling


Amazing song. The flow, the repetitiveness, the melody, the bass + those amazing percussion samples. Thanks for creating this :)

I believe

I believe someone is getting 10/10!
I downloaded this song a month ago and everytime i listen to it, it makes me dance! My friends know that I am listening to this song when I am dancing! XD My favorite part is from 1:36-2:30 (1:50 to 2:30 is when i start dancing to this)

Your song actually gave me an Idea for a video that I am dying to make. I have planned it out... how to play, what it is about... but it is getting it made is the hard part because I am not a scripter nor animator. I have flash experience but never gave it my fullest. And If i get around to making it... like in the land of makebelieve, I really want to add this, with your permission of course.

Ok, the only thing I don't like about this is the beginning, I found it a real "turn-off" to me. I like to dance, move my body, tap my fingers to the beat whatever but the beginning kills it for me (13seconds) But, i do know that it is essential for it to keep its bad ass beat throughout the rest of the song. I think just changing it a little would be good. ... Now that I think of it I might miss it if you change it. ROFL.

Anyways, I love it. I shared it with friends and they love it... i didn't give them the file i gave them the link to it. :3

I am looking forward to your new as well as your old submissions... thanks for sharing!

DukeLukeProd responds:

Hey man, thank you very much! I hope you'll eventually get around to making the flash animation you're planning. Goes without saying that you have my permission to use the remix but please don't forget to give credit to the original artist(s) and me. btw, I highly recommend you to check out the original track which is still unsurpassed when it comes to uplifting dance tracks.

Haha well there are a few things in this song that I'm not totally happy with, but the beginning is one of the parts that I wouldn't change under any circumstance :P But one can't argue about taste I guess ;)

Thanks again, also for sharing it with your friends, much appreciated!

SO so wow!!

I love this song..it's so stirring! Anywhere, anytime... just inspirational really. Thanks for sharing it. :) xox


another killer submission from my fav newgrounds artist, I Dig this soooo much!
Excellent work, i hope you never give this up