Reviews for "Pablo'N'Cezanne - Sundance RMX"


Greatz stuff, really nice.


^v^ decribes my mood listening to this. thanks =D =) :) :D ^.^ ^_^ ^,^

Simply Wonderful

It's been awhile since I've heard a dance song that I feel is "uplifting", but if there was such a song, it would be this. It just has such a brilliant beat, and it feels as if the music consistently strives to go higher-- I love the song at around 1:50 when the higher synths come in and really drive the song upward.

The best part is when the heavy uplifting synthesizers come in (and the great background beat). My favorite moment of the song probably comes down to around 2:32 when the main hook comes in... and what a hook! It just makes me smile listening to it, and it's rare that I hear a song like that. Well done.

The weakest aspects are when it's just the drums: the beginning is especially weak and around a little bit around 4:05, the music itself seems to be drowned out by a rather weak synth beat with a drum accompaniment... those were the only two weak spots I really had with the whole piece, so hence the ten rating.

I can't stress enough, that hook was just simply divine. A job very well done.

DukeLukeProd responds:

Thanks so much for your review. It's indeed one of the best melodies I've ever come across in the dance genre. Check ou the original song, it's gonna make you smile even more ;) (Just found it on Youtube btw)


I love it! the structure is extremely well done, I can't think of anything I don't like.

Fun and Happy!

What is there to say that hasnt been said?! Haha, IMO, Beautiful, fun, happy, and even childlike song, hehe, playful!! Luv it!