Reviews for "-You and me-"

Newflame= Awsome songs!

I love your songs newflame! i am trying to download pretty much every song you have! kepp up the good work

Well something new.

Not like what you used to do. It, in my opinion, isnt like you. I mean, i dont think i rarely hear slow synthy beats from you unless it's like in a classical track or something. This in mind, i was rather disappointed. Maybe it's me and i dont know the true meaning of techno, but i definitely wanted more : (

Although it was a bit of a let down for me, ill critique it on the music elements, not my personal opinion.

The Synths, as always were damn perfect. All your synths always spark creativity. I want to do STUFF when i listen to your music
The drum beats were nice, as usual. Creative and the way you mix them is good.
The overall content made me want to listen all the way through, but i found it very lineer. It felt like it was constantly building up, but it was kinda repetitive.

Overall again, another good song for your portfolio, but id rather you did a few more D'n'B tracks :D

Waterflame responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticicm :D yeah its clearly not techno, i just have no friggin idea of where im gonna put it, classical music does not have humping bass and breaks.. ill keep the cirticicm in mind for next time! ;)



am i the only one getting a christmassy vibe from this?
sounds like the theme if The Sims ever did a christmass special expansion.

Love the strings

I love the strings in this song too, but the rest reminds me of the Sims for some reason :p

Waterflame responds:

well the sims have orcestrated similar melodies so thats no wonder! thank you :D

a nice slow techno

a nice and slow peice of techno!