Reviews for "-You and me-"

I don't know what Noodle is talking about

I think it sounds very much like a Waterflame song

Just instead of it being a "climax", actiony sort of song like Afterburners or Rocketrace, it's like a "success", victory kind of thing

Like this could definitely be the ending credits music of Castle Crashers

I can't really comment on the technical parts of it since I know nothing of making music and will most likely make a fool (heh) of myself, but it's brilliant as always! Although due to its slower nature, I wouldn't really listen to it standalone as much as your other songs

Waterflame responds:

thanks for the review :D i agree lol, its very me :P

another score

3 points! amazing... again

Word Son

These kind of tunes just make my day~ Your a really good music artist with a variety of styles...

I've downloaded everyone of your songs practically.

which part was my favorite???

the first 16 seconds. i liked the sections that used a more full strings sound for the melody. a similar part is at 1:12-1:25. the sound was more... enveloping? yeah let's go with that lol.

tho not my favorite song of your's, i still really enjoyed it.

keep up the great work!

^3^ you are always right

Oh i forgot i had 3 songs... thank you. i love this one too