Reviews for "-You and me-"

a nice slow techno

a nice and slow peice of techno!

Love the strings

I love the strings in this song too, but the rest reminds me of the Sims for some reason :p

Waterflame responds:

well the sims have orcestrated similar melodies so thats no wonder! thank you :D

which part was my favorite???

the first 16 seconds. i liked the sections that used a more full strings sound for the melody. a similar part is at 1:12-1:25. the sound was more... enveloping? yeah let's go with that lol.

tho not my favorite song of your's, i still really enjoyed it.

keep up the great work!

Greatly Happy

This song make me think about some one I really care about

a song that makes me feel happy!

there has never been a song in my life that actually makes me feel happy!
mc-jimmy hit the nail on the head it does actually make you feel happy well done