Reviews for "-You and me-"

great mix

orchestra and drum n bass mix nicely when you do it.

by the way i notice you like to put -these- -lines- -in- -the- -title- -of- -all- -your- -songs-

no shame in that

-ganon95- (fellow addict)


You are amazing...every single song piques my interests. at some point, it sounded like someone was gasping or inhaling sharply. what was that?

another work of art

I love the chord progressions you use so much.. downloaded many of your songs. You're one talented artist. I could listen to your songs all day long..


This is one of the best pieces ive ever heard. Play on, Waterflame!


the song was good but who is ronja sol. i noticed in a few of your songs they were deticated to her.

Waterflame responds:

heeh, my ex girlfriend :/ .. bleh. she was my gf when i made them tho :P