Reviews for "First Things First"


I'll sum it up in two words, Pure Gold.

Nice job.

Great movie guys! Nice song too. I just have one thing to ask: Did you take the awesome man thing from Stephen Lynch's song? Or did you just randomly pick the name? Great movie, bound to get an award for it!

zonzo responds:

I just made it up, I didn't know he was a song or something.


I thought it was really well done! There was one toward the end that looked a little half assed however but if that too was good animation it overall would have been perfect.

Damn this was rocking

Sure I may be reviewing a product I helped with....but who cares? This shit pwns! I mean the collabs were brillant and sexxxy.And they wen't with the music very well. As Waterman said, keep rockin'!


ive said it before, but ill say it again: NG could use a music video section. You all did a great job in creating a totally unique musical experience. keep of the good work. these random juxtapositions have me watching the video waiting to see what comes next. Nice job, and phantom planet rocks.

-rock on guys