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Reviews for "Rig - Lochieloop"


Needs more desu.

Rig responds:


cock tease

Seriously. Why would you not make a full song out of this? So much energy. This sounds like something old pendulum would have produced. Greatness. I took off one point for the simple fact that this is a cock tease of a loop, and not a full track.

Rig responds:

I made it quickly for my friend Night-Mare, aka Lochie, who needed a menu loop for his game. SO THERE

Glad you liked it, though! :D

Cool and Funky!

Very Funky xD I like the happy Style of it and the Bassline fits great with the Beat, Kickdrum sounds fat and punchy, Snare is dry and has its punch too. Hats and and Percs keep the Beat fast and varied. The simple Osc Beeping is also great even that its supersimple ;) Great loop, would work fine with me playing Shooters :D

xD @ SRT-M1tch

Rig responds:

Aw, thanks! :D


Who doesn't love him!
Praise Lochie! :D

Nice loop, you sick bastard :D

Rig responds:

Thanks, you healthy fellow!

Very rich

This bite of chocolate cake / music reminds me of Slam! by Pendulum. Very awesome!

Rig responds:

Mmmm, cake.