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Reviews for "Rig - Lochieloop"


Pants are wet.

Rig responds:


So Rig...

May I have sex with you now?

Rig responds:

Get in line :*


fricken amazing job man keepzitup!!!

Rig responds:

Thanks! :D

There it is...

That was awesome, love the repeating lead. If you made this into a song that would be tight as hell. Did you mix or sample this or is this something that you made? Either way it's awesome, keep up the submissions they are great.


Rig responds:

Made it from scratch :D

Nice loop!

Short heavy and dark DnB like this stand out to me, it just sound great. The grinding bass is the best part in DnB and just holds it's own throughout it all.. A great loop it is indeed.

Rig responds:

Why thank you, good sir.