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Reviews for "Rig - Lochieloop"

ok wow you win

just Rig ftw. period.

I had Moving On on repeat like a hundred times like a year ago. should've checked out your other stuff sooner. :)

Rig responds:

Glad you did :)

:D lets go space invading!

omg for some reason this song reminds me of space indavers :D

Rig responds:



When I hear this, I feel like i'm in some space battle in Star Wars LOL. This is so niccceee.

Rig responds:

But Star Wars is orchestral! D:

Very rich

This bite of chocolate cake / music reminds me of Slam! by Pendulum. Very awesome!

Rig responds:

Mmmm, cake.


Awesome loop, Rig! Love the beats, and the other instruments you used played great. Another amazing work, Rig! 10/10 5/5

Rig responds:

Thanks for the review!