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Reviews for "Halloween 2 FX"

nice transitions

5/5 10/10 not much more i could say except i told you so! nice work

axeFX responds:



Reminds me of a haunted house for some reason, lol, nice effects, great bass, maybe more variation with the theme could help make it longer? Faster bass variations? different snares? a filter or distortion? lol
awesome song
keep rockin.

axeFX responds:

thx for the suggestions. I'll make my next one long

Woah! This was kick ass!

I really loved the whole thing! I thought it started off a little uhh... weird but the rest of it made up for what I had thought at first. Great great great song!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I have read quite a few reviews saying that there was something nasty at the end. Is there anyway I can hear that version or is it lost forever?

axeFX responds:

http://www.geocities.com/thcxmastermi nds/Gore.mp3
(remove spaces)

I'll also PM you


just wanted to put that plug in for you. Incredible stuff. Liked the first part best but all the little embellishments were wonderful.

axeFX responds:

you shocked meh


I just cannot get over how much I love this song. You should totally remix this song into just being a 2 or 3 minute long remake of 00:30-01:31. Of course with some other stuff added so it's not just a shorter loop(although I'd totally do that if I wasn't so handicapped with audio editing programs that I hardly even know how to split the song in half through MOVIEMAKER) The beat and all that is awesome. Good work on this one, both of you :) And yeah, that guy below me SHOULD feel stupid after leaving that comment. L... Oh... Ell.... Yeah, that turned slightly retarded over time, now I feel stupid as well >.<