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Reviews for "Halloween 2 FX"


Love it!!!! Awesome fuckin job with this!! Really cool. Just do one thing... don't add your other Halloween song onto the end... Just use the "collab" song.

axeFX responds:

Fixed :D


first, the intro was really cool, 0.45 is awesome and 1.07 makes me speechless.. D;
just so fkn awesome
5/5, DL and whatever. love it!

axeFX responds:

0:45 and 1:07 ARE TEH SAME!!!


What a chilly tune! Techno, Drums, spooky effects and everything nice collide! Will be cranking this on Halloween night too scare off the wee ones. Muahahahaha *cough, choking!* ARGghhh ahh' im' ok... haha

axeFX responds:

that laughter was REVERSED


thats awesome!

omg o-o

looky the perdy colours while listening O_o''

axeFX responds:

damnit. your hallucinating again =l