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Reviews for "Halloween 2 FX"


I wish this were a bit longer... but. This is very well produced in terms of melody and effects. Keep up the good work.

it was pretty awesome

I really liked the intro. It was very abstract and noisy, in my terms meaning lots of noises. the only thing i raised an eyebrow to was the piano in the intro. I know the FL piano is pretty lame but there are a lot of free piano samples online that sound pretty good. Just sample up a storm and i'm sure there can be some good noises made with the samples. overall i liked it very much with the faint heart beat and all. nice. keep it up.

axeFX responds:

hm... that piano is actually a nexus preset, but thx anyways xD. I'll admit im not too good at getting my pianos too sound good, however personally I think it sounds fine

Love it!

I have always wanted to do sick DnB like this, I love these samples used, I can't think of any song (besides Chaoz Fantasy) where I like the drums as much as this one... The samples are to beast for my liking :p. Like J3envolio, a little short... I was like "Hmm, already done, I wanted more"

Keep it up!


axeFX responds:

thx man. Short I know, my wanting to submit was greater then my wanting to make a masterpiece. I've been experimenting with drums a whole lot, trying to bring a unique flavour into DnB. Check out my newest track, that has some interesting drums XD

Dude this is Brilliant!

If only I had found this before Halloween! It's a brilliant tune! Love the sound effects and stuff like that. Brilliant use of grunge like drums and great use of the high pitched synth sound.

My only Criticism is that it's way to short. If I was you, I'd do a remix, leave this bit till the middle, and just expand upon it best you can! If you added, say 3 or 4 more minutes onto it then I think it'd defiantly get my 10/10.

axeFX responds:

thanks for the review man. I DO have the project file for this, so I may just have a stab at it. I've taken a month break from submitting, and im trying to get something together to submit. I like this song minus the ending... so I might try somthing like that =)

Really, Really Nice!!!

I love this song! all the way from the creepy sound effects at the beginning. The cool (but fiery!) and smooth synths starting at 0:34. The punchy bass. The heroic, evil fighting feel of the song in general and the punchy bass!
Pure bliss!

axeFX responds:

punchy bass x2!! and cool but fiery synths XD Thx for the review