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Reviews for "Halloween 2 FX"

omg o-o

looky the perdy colours while listening O_o''

axeFX responds:

damnit. your hallucinating again =l


I likey likey the noises you make :O

axeFX responds:


You make music gud

OH MA GOSH! Seriously, you music is reeeeeeally good. I have no idea how you do it, but it's really some og the best stuff on NG. Did u just discover this new talent, or did u move to NG from somewhere else?

axeFX responds:

I woke up one morning and said, shit, ima make music gud today

Don't Stop this

Seriously don't stop making music like this it fricken beast.... i love the laugh to

axeFX responds:

the laugh is some russian guy XD

Good lord man!!!

Way to inflict a joygasm through my ears, lol. Seriously good work though. Is a longer version in the works?

axeFX responds:

sorry man... I reformatted my comp and forgot to back up the project file for this =[