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Reviews for "Halloween 2 FX"

You pimped my loop!

This is awesome. We make a good team. :) Keep up the good work.


axeFX responds:

It was a catchy melody, you rock. Oh and I pwn you at cod4

i absolutly love it!....except

its great but please please please make it longer, this could become a 5 minute bombastic song dude, and i for one would love to hear it, if you do decide to extend it please please please update me about it!!!!!!!! 5/5 10/10 9999999999999999/9999999999999999

axeFX responds:

lol a link. Dood, I already tryed expanding this song. People didn't like it.


you know how to give that fealing

axeFX responds:

sounds kinky


What a chilly tune! Techno, Drums, spooky effects and everything nice collide! Will be cranking this on Halloween night too scare off the wee ones. Muahahahaha *cough, choking!* ARGghhh ahh' im' ok... haha

axeFX responds:

that laughter was REVERSED


I was right when I said you're a great artist ; D
Keep this really up man ^^ ; D

axeFX responds:

ill keep it really very up