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Reviews for "Halloween 2 FX"

freakin amazing

You neverdisappoint man.


mary me xD

I did like it....

Although I this song gives me the whole "Halloween" feel, The starting build up and the end bone sawing feels like it's subtracting from the piece. If I were to suggest something, I would suggest maybe adding some "mutilated" voices like a stereotypical monster or maybe a treated voice track of a real serial killer in place of the sawing. I heard a sinister laugh near the end so I think you were adding voices to add to the flavor of the music.

Also the fake sawing (and just the saw) made me want to puke in a non-scared or entertained way. I think it was a nice idea, just not great in practice. Still liked the dong though and though.

axeFX responds:

haha... your right most people wont like the end. I might change it. Its kinda brutal and makes me cringe too

I love it.

Seriously, how do you make such good music?
God, this is so addicting.
Rated only what it deserves, 5\5 and 10\10.
Also, your masterpiece has been added to my list of favorites.

- Xaltz


Another great tune!
I'd like to have heard it before the edit, but I honestly don't care as it r0x anyway.
Slightly different to your normal tunes as well, which makes a great change and a great addition to your "arsenal" so to speak :P

Keep 'em coming!

axeFX responds:

The pre-edit was nothing special, just this song blended into my old halloween song. I had to change it because I've listened to halloween 1 enough times, that it just got boring when all I wanted to hear was the first 1:30.