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Reviews for "Halloween 2 FX"


the improvement on the laugh at the end makes a big difference. The song itself is awesome too. I just wish it was a bit longer. The beat on it is also very different from anything else you have ever done.

it's got a nice beat

nice music!! 4/5

Woah! This was kick ass!

I really loved the whole thing! I thought it started off a little uhh... weird but the rest of it made up for what I had thought at first. Great great great song!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I have read quite a few reviews saying that there was something nasty at the end. Is there anyway I can hear that version or is it lost forever?

axeFX responds:

http://www.geocities.com/thcxmastermi nds/Gore.mp3
(remove spaces)

I'll also PM you

I approve :]

Thank god you edited this - it was really too freaky to have that *guts leaking out* sound at the end, and the previous SFX were too haphazardly placed. However, this is excellent - the trance loop is SICK. Hope you do some more collabs in the future :D

i like it but it

is not your best work but still good

axeFX responds:

Im done submitting. I need to learn my new program, and I need to learn to put more time into my songs.