Reviews for "The big N"

Holy Shit

Awesome work, looks really accurate to the real ones


Great work! Kinda sad, that the glorious times of these consoles are over...
All were part of my childhood.

wow, I was about to comment on why this was in the 3D art category - I thought it was a photo.
then I read the description and took a closer look. the only thing I can see that tells me this is indeed a 3D modelling work is that gamecube controller. I'm no expert, so I don't expect to be right, but It just seems to me like its light source is slightly skewed from the rest of the consoles/controllers.

apart from that possibly baseless opinion, flawless and epic.

One of my favorite companies with some of the best games.
So far I own a Gameboy and this picture is enough motivation to get out and ge the rest of the best retro game systems known to mankind.

Is this a photo, but, who cares? Nintendo is awesome!