Reviews for "College University pt 2"

Hehe. Funny

I liked that, it was pretty funny. I loved the part at the end LET'S PARTAY! And the monkey wearing underwear was priceless! Animation and sound are still tops.

Great flash

The only main problem with this was that the lip syncing became messed up near the end. You've already mentioned it, though, so it's not a big deal. It's still a good flash. Bigfoot's appearance was funny, and most of the ride over was fun to watch. Falling alseep at the wheel = cool.


thats funny they thought the biggfoot guy was gonna kill him but he's just giveing back underwear.lol


I watched the later films first, and now I see why the sign was knocked over in the others.

nicely done

i like how big foot was wearing underwear! that was funny..