Reviews for "College University pt 2"


Another great episode in the greatest series around! Great concept, great graphics and great animation. Congrats on the Daily Feature too! heh, the audio is grat as well btw, all good. Keep it up!



it was okay except you've got to get the mouths to match your lines that and whenever you guys are talking normally it sounds like you've got a frog in your throat. it reminds me of some crappy GOdzilla not really the movie in general just the fact that when they are done talking, thier mouths aren't.

I figured it out!

The thing I don't like about your animation is the fact that your art is really good but the motion is very unrealistic and is very out of place for a flash like this. Maybe you should try and clean that up a bit?


cool movie

this was

funney but not as funney as the 1 ep