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Reviews for "Kraidzilla"

Doo doo doo...


Well. Sorta.

I couldn't help but laugh

Very good!

As usual, Daniel, you are funny

I am not just saying as a Nintendo fanboy, but as a fan to any video game related flash movies that are not sprites. I think it proves that the designers have the potential to love and/or respect their games. Good job!

By the way, RH said it was decent enough to make it through. He wasn't laughing, but he wasn't booing. I wonder why (sarcasm)?

An Aussie accent... on NG???

Wow, I thought it would never happen. But it did. And I'm happy. I didn't think we had gerkins in Australia. Don't we call them pickles? Or have I screwed up? Or are they two seperate fruits. Or are they vegetables... Anyways, whats with the American accent? Is it an actual American? If so where did you get him, I've always wanted one. And if not, why put on the accent? Anyways, good job.