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Reviews for "Kraidzilla"

Not bad

Nice little day off. I like yours alot better than most of your submissions. I bet KupaMan can't do any better cause HE CANT!!

that was one of the funniest kraid things ever!!!!

that was funnie very funnie very very funnie i always wondered about how come all the monsters attack europe or The U.S. or china and not australia! it may be the only continent to also be a country but it still can be attacked! thanx Kraid! anyway that end song was funny yet wierd at the same time.....

pretty good

it was acually pretty good but....the credits song was very iratating

funny....and funny... *keeps on going*....

animation: great
joke: hillariouse
plot-line: wuh? the plot-line was the joke!!!
over-all: make a seqeul! this was stinkin' hillariouse!!!

Fucking Weird Man

But I liked it. Specially the theme song.