Reviews for "Band on the Run"


yeah that who they are busted you know that gay band from the uk who are doing the gay thurnder birds song.

Or mayby westlife from the uk yeah one of them it must be.

hahahahahha can't wait for the next one.

this is so funny...september 11 big

shut up - no you shut up - budbudbudbudbudbudbud :D:D:D:D
oh my god this is just great. fifen!

kidney scrapa

i got sensitive kindneys and you know you got a kindney scrapa..... oh my god... thank you

good stuff... no... great stuff.

hahahahaaaa!!! the noise they make when they're slapping each other kills me everytime.
i love your art style man. there's something strangely sexual about it even if there are no dicks on screen. cheers.

Amazing, dude.

I remember first watching this and not getting it. Now that I am a mature adult I think it's one of the best Marc. M toons out there. Fucking aching at my sides, man. Imma get some bk.