Reviews for "Band on the Run"


Your best cartoon.

Brilliant x2

I've seen all of your animations on your website and they are some of the most brilliant and unique works I've ever seen. It's so simple, yet not even I would have thought about making something like this. Brilliant, just brilliant.

It is gay, happy.

Made me laugh.

The way you made it go in to a 'soft moment' then back to normal were very good. Also the door part was quite funny aswell. Overall it's one of the better flashes I've seen lately (Though I haven't seen alot of flashes).

A solid 8.


that was fun


i really think people dont understand exactly why you are referenceing to homosexuals and attomatically write you off but if they do they are stupid, anyway i really enjoyed the flash i thought it was very entertaining, the only thing, if any that i might suggest opon is the excessive use of explict language, i know we have been warned by the label not to watch the clip if we are offended, but the use of certain terms can be off-putting, but other than that i really loved it. keep up the great work!!!