Reviews for "Band on the Run"

why would you do that?

what the hell were you thinking? your cartoons are so disguisting! they make me want to kill myself! is this what your meant to achieve? is so WELL DONE! but if it makes you feel good watching this YUK! i felt dirty just seeing it! seriusly your cartoons scar me forever!

funny as hell! billiant sick humar

this is sick man every meaning of da word so far ur toons r great lovin' da sick humar

What cant I say?

So great! Sivck and twisted just how I like it...I recommend to anyone who can take a joke!


Wow, that was...well, something inside of me tells me that was fucking sick, but goddamn that was FUNNY.

Good stuff: Great voice acting, really funny jokes, nicely animated, just an all around great flash.

Bad stuff: That was sick XD


tht was soo funny where u get these ideas