Reviews for "Band on the Run"

So pointless... but so awesome.

The awkwardness of this was amazing. Great animation, brilliant humor and nice fagosity.


hilarous i love it when they slap eachother the noises they make

Exceptionally well done

RomeoJR work proves that you have distinguished yourself as one of the greatest flash animators and independent comedians ever conceived. Never before have I witnessed such a superior level of quality in flash prior to watching your work Marc. It's incredible how you are capable of quickly creating arbitrary, obscure, and any many cases taboo content that still manages to be funny. I could pull a dozen quotes from this short film alone that would demonstrate your comedic abilities to the fullest. No other artist has had such consistency in the quality of his or her work than you Marc M. From your first flash to your most recent one you've been funny and haven't even required decent animation.

On to the actual content itself I perceived this to be one of your better flashes that follow the traditional format I've come to appreciate from your conceptions (i.e; there's no song). I really enjoyed the random and nonlinear aspects of this flash and the homosexual relationship between the two protagonists. "Shut-up!" 'No, you shut up!" Obscurity at its best! Anyone who criticizes this film simply due to the fact it introduces homosexual content is obviously so insecure about their masculinity they have to condemn anything even slightly feminine to prove to an unfamiliar audience just how 'manly' they are. Best of '04!

good stuff... no... great stuff.

hahahahaaaa!!! the noise they make when they're slapping each other kills me everytime.
i love your art style man. there's something strangely sexual about it even if there are no dicks on screen. cheers.

No, You Shut Up...

Could've help but laugh the whole way through.