Reviews for "Band on the Run"

Fucking Funny

Snort some coke out of Maury Povich's asscrack?

Holy fucking shit, how do you come up with this stuff?

All I can say is, I laughed my ass off the whole time. Nice!


wth seriously..it was nice..needs better animation but meh i got a chuckle from it

It was an okay flick, it had some funny phrases.

That was a messed up cartoon, funny, but a little on the weird side. It was alright but the whole gay stature of it all made me not like it as much but i think it boosted th humor of it all.


that was fucking perfect!! you have gotta do more. MORE!!! "id snort some coke out of maury povichs ass crack to get on mtv" one of the best lines ive ever heard in a flash video. keep up the awesome work

Goof effort

Not at all bad, pretty funny, and a nice little commentary opn the music scene. and missy elliot can be a skinny as she wants, she'll still have no talent.