Reviews for "Band on the Run"


It's like the story of Linkin Park, man! Crazy!

Hey, it was funny.

Two things I liked about this movie. First, what probably most hated about this was the gay thing. It grossed me out pretty bad, but it was funny. What I liked about it was that recently on the net, and in the media people have been trying to portray gay sex as some sweet, magical thing when it's not. It's still just people who want to fuck eachother, only of the same sex. There's nothing pure, or serene about it. Though I realize that wasn't your intent here, and rather your intent was to show how pathetic the two main characters were. Ya gotta love how after they make out there's a bang on the door and they call the guy a fag.

Second, was the Missy Elliot scene. I hate her, and everything she stands for. That scene was the one that made me laugh out loud. I probably would have sat here and laughed if it was a thirty minute movie just of people insulting her.

Anyway, yeah it's pretty extreme, but it's never flat out stupid, and always at least somewhat humorous So good job I suppose.

that was mega!!!!!!!!!

nice work i lived it dont mind wat nav said hes probably gay.nice work.it was really different.and cool!!!!


That's all I have to say about that...


funny stuff