Reviews for "Band on the Run"


dude that was great. as a guy taht's met agents and tried to get contracts, i loved it. it was hilarious. and i like that line about maury at the end. good shit dude.

that was sick...

man that was sick dude..snorting coke outta sum old fags ass crack...and the noises when the guys were pulling each other..a

That was.....

Funny as hell. Nice job.

Fucking awesome.

The only fags who rate it low are 14 year olds who like anime.


I thought this productions was very funny. it had me laughing alot. i have nothing against gay people. i have many gay friends relatives...etc. funny thing about this whole thing was that they two boys reminded me of some of the theatre kids i know and the guy with the ponytail reminded me of the butter commercial. I was laughing so hard. i didnt really like the fact that you dissed on missy even though that was some funny shit (EXCUSE MY FRENCH) anyway...yay i dunno why people have a problem with the whole gay thing cuz hey if you wanna have sex with anybody it should be special and you should care for them completely. i am looking foward to seeing a continuation of this.