Reviews for "Band on the Run"


pretty good


This flash is so manly it's for men who have men as wives!


So...MANLY...that of course is a sarcastic comment. but anyway, pretty funny. it's nice to go back and watch old animations from my youth...that's right, i watched this as a kid...and i'm just fine now...*twitch*. it's the twisted, grindhouse, low production value animations that made newgrounds what it is today...before every week you'd see a high quality photoshopped image on the front page...before everyday there was a thousand new submissions. this is where it's at, newgrounds, sex, violence, grotesqueness, not too many frames of animation, all of the above. i digress. i hope right now there's a 6 year old playing the flash game where you dress up a dick...just like i was.

its always funny that

people leave such square-ass, uptight reviews for your movies Marc


This shit is golden. You really should be making money for this stuff, it's certainly good enough. Keep it up man, maybe someday you'll break into the big time. You have the talent, no doubt about that