Reviews for "Band on the Run"


i'm almost more than positive that this is funny as fuck, ive watched it about ten times and its still not getting old. i love it

Pure Sweetness

This one really reminds me of Junior High. Call me a semtimental fool, but it makes me want to cry tears of sweet joy!

Beautiful, man, just beautiful.

"Who's Daddy's little fudge hole?"


This one's really good... I mean, the animations are a little crappy, but the content... wHoa... Really... Great joke on the fucking shitty bands we got these days...

Lmao All your gay videos crack me up...

Its so sick but the tone and what they say is just hilarious... 'you know youre a kidney scraper' thats just so sick i cant help but laugh. Great stuff

Damn Boyband Fags!

Its like a behind the sences look at boy band life! Great stuff, lmao!